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1fs: Wealth join as Approved Family Office Software Partner

Thurs 9 July 2020 - We are delighted to welcome 1fs:Wealth to our community as an approved partner. 1fs:Wealth offers a sophisticated digital wealth intelligence platform for family offices and wealthy individuals. The First:Wealth platform provides an overarching view of all and any assets in a highly intuitive, easy-to-use manner and is independent, highly secure and cost-effective. Platforms such as First:Wealth help family offices view, manage and control all of their assets, optimise portfolio allocation, minimise operational and transactional risks and facilitate succession planning.

Read more about the First:Wealth platform

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Argenta join Family Office Partner Directory

Thurs 2 July 2020 - We are pleased to welcome Argenta Private Capital Limited (APCL) as a partner. APCL offers private clients and trade investors a wide variety of ways to invest in the Lloyd's of London insurance market. They specialise in creating tailor-made, tax efficient underwriting vehicles for a worldwide client base.

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Global Family Office Compensation Report

Mon 22 June 2020 - Agreus Group have published their 2020 Global Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report.

Click on this link to request a copy of the report


GFOC Journal: Volume 2 Published

Mon 15 June 2020 - We are delighted to announce that Volume 2 of our annual publication, the GFOC Journal, "Emerging Stronger: the Next Decade for Family Offices", has now been published.

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Finito World

Fri 1 May 2020 - Finito, the employability specialists, have released the first edition of their magazine, Finito World, featuring exclusive interviews with Baroness Nicky Morgan and Sir Martin Sorrell.


Q&A Insurance Factsheets with Aston Lark

Thurs 9 Apr 2020 - Aston Lark have produced factsheets on various Covid-19 topics covering travel and household insurance cover:

Coronavirus: Travel Insurance FAQs

Coronavirus: Home Insurance FAQs

Coronavirus: Business Dormancy Checklist

Five Signs to Spot a Coronavirus Phishing Email


The employment market is tougher than ever - but jobhunters shouldn't give up

Wed 25 Mar 2020 - Ronel Lehmann, Founder and Chief Executive of Finito, discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students and graduates.

Read the article here


Keep up-to-date with market insights

Mon 23 Mar 2020 - Keep up-to-date with macro insights from Saxo, including their latest article: Coronavirus Economics: The case for coronabonds.


Covid-19: Are Family Offices at Risk?

Mon 23 Mar 2020 - KPMG have published 2 posts which can be read by clicking on the links below:

Covid-19: Are Family Offices at Risk? 


Quarantines might impact tax residency


Single Family Office Executive Compensation 2019 - USA

Mon 23 Dec 2019 - Botoff Consulting is pleased to share a copy of their 2019 Single Family Office Executive Compensation Survey. They have researched a broad network across the US, and have obtained data on 323 single family offices and 491 family office executives. Trish Botoff, Managing Principal, Botoff Consulting, was recently a speaker at our USA Family Office Conference, November 2019 in Beverly Hills.

Read the results of the compensation survey here


PCT VIP Promotion

Mon 9 Dec 2019 - Our approved travel partner, PCT VIP, recently visited Los Cabos in Mexico and have posted their review and exclusive partner offer to our community. Discover more by clicking here


USA Family Office Conference 2019

Fri 15 Nov 2019 - Global Family Office Community held its inaugural USA Family Office Conference on Thursday 7th November 2019 in Beverly Hills, welcoming over 100 guests. With thanks to all of the speakers and participants from the US and other countries who made this event such a great success, continuing to build our cohesive global family office community. A couple of the presentations delivered can be seen on our Knowledge Centre.

Visit the USA Family Office Conference website


Immigration Visa Guide

Wed 13 Nov 2019 - Charles Avens, Senior Associate at Druces LLP has written an up-to-date immigration guide for the UK, covering the Tier 1 Investor Visa, Tier 1 Start-Up / Innovator Visa and Sole Representative of an Overseas Company Visa. This can be read by clicking on the PDF below.

Immigration Visa Guide
Immigration Visa Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [746.4 KB]

Family Offices and the Tech Industry

Fri 8 Nov 2019 - haysmacintyre, an approved GFOC partner, have written an article on 'Family Offices and the Tech Industry: Investing in the Future'. The article, which can be read by clicking on the PDF below, focuses on potential returns, family offices as attractive tech investors and due diligence.

Family Offices and the Tech Industry
Tech Growth and the Family Offices Inves[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [433.1 KB]

Family Office Retreat 2019

Fri 4 Oct 2019 - Global Family Office Community recently held its annual Family Office Retreat in the South of France. 48 guests, family members from family offices, joined us for this unique gathering over three days, stimulating a wide range of discussions, knowledge sharing, and relationship building. Thank you to our event partners for contributing to the success of this event, Barclays Private Bank, Wedlake Bell, Monaco Invest and Agreus Group.


Employability - Finito join as Approved Partner

Wed 10 July 2019 - We are delighted to welcome Finito as partners of the Global Family Office Community. Finito, the employability specialists, focus on helping first-time job hunters make the difficult transition from education to employment by furnishing them with the skills, coaching and mentoring to succeed.

Read more about Finito


Global Family Office Conference 2019 & the GFOC Journal

Tues 18 June 2019 - Global Family Office Community held its sixth Global Family Office Conference on Thursday 13th June 2019 in London, UK. With thanks to all of the speakers and participants who made our annual Conference such a great success, bringing together over 100 family offices from our community.

Visit the Conference website

The flagship conference also saw the launch of our new publication, the inaugural GFOC Journal, the annual journal of the Global Family Office Community.

Request a copy of the GFOC Journal


The Truth About Family Office Jobs

Mon 17 June 2019 - Agreus Group, our resourcing and recruitment partner for family offices, were recently interviewed for Bloomberg Markets, discussing what it really takes to work in a Family Office environment and how Family Offices differ from other firms when it comes to recruitment.

Read the interview


Trust - Estate, Succession and Financial Planning Uses

Mon 9 June 2019 - KENDRIS have written an article on the use of Trusts, including what a trust is, the main characteristics in a trust setup, and its use in estate planning and family business succession.

Kendris Trust Uses.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [96.4 KB]

Interview with Vahe Vartanian

Mon 9 June 2019 - An interview with Vahe Vartanian, Founder & CEO, Global Family Office Community for NDA Global.

Read the interview


edgeFX: online global foreign exchange payment solution

Thurs 16 May 2019 - We are pleased to welcome edgeFX as partners of the Global Family Office Community for foreign exchange solutions. An online global foreign exchange payment solution, edgeFX provides highly competitive FX pricing and is supported by a market-leading payment platform which enables cross-currency payments on both a domestic and international footing, in over 60 currencies and to circa 185 countries.

Read more about edgeFX

edgeFX have written an article on FX volatility and what family offices can do to protect themselves
190508-May 2019 Article FX Volatility.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [653.3 KB]

Russell Grey, SSI, Interviewed by BBC Radio

Mon 19 Nov 2018 - Russell Grey, Founder and Director at SSI, Security Services International and our approved partner was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Guernsey providing an insight into physical security along with stories of first-hand experiences.

Listen to the fascinating interview here.


When does the Trust Barrier start?

Tues 2 Oct 2018 - Healthclic, our approved health concierge partner, has published an article for Concierge Medicine Today, discussing the main psychological challenge their doctors face when working with UHNW individuals.

Read the article


The Genome Test that could save your life

Fri 27 Apr 2018 - Our approved healthcare concierge partner, HealthClic, have written an introduction to Whole Genome Sequencing and why we are still behind. The blog focuses on the need for genomic testing; family planning and genome sequencing. Read the blog post


Essential to preventative medicine in the 21st century, the genome sequencing test provides you and your primary care physician insights about your hereditary risk over 1,200 diseases. As we move into the era of personalised medicine, the UHNW community are as focused as ever on longevitiy planning to live longer, healthier and to protect their family. Further details can be found on the PDF below.

Genome Brochure
HealthClic Genome brochure web RGB.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

Lark Music

Mon 25 Sep 2017 - The new issue of Larkmusic magazine has been published by Lark Insurance. A fascinating read to discover what goes on behind the scenes in the world of top-class music.

Click here to read the latest issue


L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt dies at 94

Mon 25 Sep 2017 - Liliane Bettencourt, the heiress to cosmetics firm L'Oreal, has died aged 94, her family has confirmed. A statement said she had died at home "peacefully" overnight. With an estimated 2017 net worth of 33bn euros, she was the world's richest woman. Ms Bettencourt's assets, including her holding stake in the cosmetics company, were placed in a trust controlled by her daughter.

Source: BBC News


Investing in Property Bridging Loans

Tues 29 Aug 2017 - Institutions and family offices are increasingly turning to private debt as a means to generate alpha for their portfolios, according to Avamore Capital who have written an article on this subject. The article can be read by clicking on the PDF below.

Property Bridging Loans
Investment in private debt is on the ris[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [837.3 KB]

UK Non-Dom Changes Postponed: Where does this leave me?

Tues 2 May 2017 - The Finance Bill 2017 was to have included all relevant legislation on the non-dom rules changes, but the final version which went through Parliament omitted the details on non-doms, along with several other areas. Withers has published a couple of articles around where this leaves non-doms.

Article 1

Article 2


Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report 2017

Thurs 13 Apr 2017 - Agreus, a Global Family Office Advisory and Recruitment firm have published their latest Family Office Compensation Benchmark Report 2017. Employees of more than 250 family offices were surveyed.

Click here to download the report


US Billionaire Philanthropist David Rockefeller Dies at 101

Tues 21 Mar 2017 - Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller has died in his sleep at his home in Poncantico Hills, New York, a spokesman said. He was 101 years old. Mr Rockefeller, the last of his generation in the famed American family, was the grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D Rockefeller. The centenarian was at the helm of his family's fortune, controlling both philanthropic and business interests. He was the youngest of five sons of John D Rockefeller Jr.

Source: BBC News


Bill Gates tops Forbes' Rich List but Trump Wealth Slips

Tues 21 Mar 2017 - Microsoft founder Bill Gates again tops Forbes' list of the world's richest people, in a year when the number of billionaires rose 13% to 2,043. According to the magazine's annual rich list, Mr Gates' fortune rose to $86bn, from $75bn, followed by investor Warren Buffett, up $14.8bn to $75.6bn. It was bad news for US President Donald Trump, who slipped 220 spots to 544 and must now rub along on just $3.5bn. Forbes said the $1bn fall in his wealth was due to the slow US property market. There were 183 tech billionaires on the Forbes list, with a combined $1tn in wealth. The list is dominated by US billionaires.

Source: BBC News


Italy: A New Non-Dom System for HNWIs

Wed 8 Mar 2017 - Italy has recently put in place a new non-dom tax system, aimed at attracting HNWIs to Italy. The new rules add to the choice currently available to individuals without fixed domicile, such as the 'res non-dom' system in the UK, Ireland, Malta, the Swiss 'forfeit' rules and the Spanish Beckham Law. Legal firm Withers have produced further details, including a video.


People Moves: Cavendish Family Office

Mon 27 Feb 2017 - Recently launched Cavendish Family Office have announced the appointment of Mark Estcourt as CEO. Mark joins from London & Capital where he was Executive Director, and brings with him 25 years of experience advising UHNW families and entrepreneurs. Cavendish Family Office, a multi family office, serves clients from all over the globe including the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and helps clients from unusual and high risk geographic jurisdictions or with political connections, such as PEPs.

Cavendish Family Office have also written a white paper on the topic of "When does it make sense to set up a Family Office?" and this can be read by clicking on the PDF below.

When Does it make Sense to Set Up a Family Office
Cavendish FO White Paper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [184.0 KB]

Mobile & Telecommunications: Selecting a Provider

Wed 15 Feb 2017 - Adam Phones have written an article on selecting a telecommunications provider, with key considerations around the risks and maintaining security. You can click on the PDF below to read this article.

Selecting a Telecommunications Provider
Selecting A Telecommunications Provider.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [686.9 KB]

How Family Offices can be more effective in securing alternative investments

Mon 23 Jan 2017 - Michael Dean of Avamore Capital has written a piece on how family offices "need to dial up the humility" or risk underperforming. The interesting personal perspective and article can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF below.


Family Offices Need to Dial Up the Humility
Family Offices Need to Dial Up Humility.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [58.3 KB]

Keeping the Family (Office) Safe

Thurs 8 Dec 2016 - Global Family Office Community recently held a single family office breakfast seminar in London focusing on how to keep the family (office) safe. The panel discussion was wide ranging from financial risks, operational risks, through to personal and cyber security. A summary of the discussions can be read on our Knowledge Centre.


Wren Investment Office Announces Launch

Mon 26 Sep 2016 - Wren Investment Office (Wren), an investment office for families and individuals with large fortunes, is launching in London. Wren is an experienced team, originating from Lord North Street, of wealth managers backed and part-owned by MdF Family Partners in Spain (MdF) and WE Family Offices in the USA (WE).

Wren Investment Office


Moore Stephens - Non Dom Rule Changes

Tues 30 Aug 2016 - Moore Stephens have produced 3 factsheets focusing on updates to changes to the taxation of non UK domiciliaries. You can click on the PDFs below to download them.

Changes to the taxation if non UK domici[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Inheritance tax UK residential property [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [400.6 KB]
Non-domiciled individuals Individuals b[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.1 MB]

Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, dies aged 64

Fri 12 Aug 2016 - Billionaire landowner and philanthropist the Duke of Westminster has died aged 64, his family said. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor died at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire on Tuesday after suddenly becoming ill on his Abbeystead Estate. The duke's fortune was estimated at $10.8bn (£8.3bn) by Forbes magazine, making him the world's 68th richest person and the UK's third. A friend of the Royal Family, he became the sixth Duke of Westminster in 1979. The sudden death of billionaire landowner and philanthropist the Duke of Westminster means his 25-year-old son Hugh has now inherited the estate.

Source: BBC News


Brexit: What Family Offices with EU Employees Should Consider

Fri 5 Aug 2016 - Druces LLP have prepared an article on what family offices with EU employees in the UK need to consider, post Brexit, from an immigration point of view. To read the article, please click on the PDF below.

EU Employees in UK
What Family Offices can do to Protect EU[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [30.3 KB]

Asian Millionaires 'Top Wealth Rankings'

Fri 24 Jun 2016 - Asian millionaires now control more wealth than those in North America, Europe and other regions, according to a report from finance firm Capgemini.Driven by China and Japan, Asia's millionaires saw their wealth jump by 10% in 2015, the firm's World Wealth Report found. Millionaires held nearly $60 trillion (£40 trillion) worldwide last year, four times higher than 30 years ago. That could rise to $100 trillion by 2025, Capgemini said. Asia's growth in high net worth individuals - defined as having $1 million in assets - came despite slowing economic growth in China and a weak Japanese economy. Capgemini found the growth in Asia was driven mainly by financial services, technology and health care industries. The region's millionaires held $17.4 trillion of wealth, compared with $16.6 trillion in North America, the report said. Europe's millionaires saw a 4.8% increase in wealth, which was led by Spain despite the country's record unemployment. The UK had the fifth highest number of high net worth individuals, although it only increased 1% to 553,000. Latin American millionaires suffered a decline in net worth of 3.7%, driven by political volatility and a turbulent stock market in Brazil. Worldwide, the wealth controlled by millionaires grew 4% last year to $58.7 trillion (£39.5 trillion). Earlier this year, Oxfam found that the richest 1% now have as much wealth as the rest of the world combined.

Source: BBC News


Engaged Philanthropy Toolkit

Wed 18 May 2016 - Hammer & Associates have released the first of their EngagedPhilanthropy™ series of toolkits created to assist families and their staff succeed in their philanthropic efforts. Laying the Groundwork: A Family Office Guide to Giving is a workbook that asks the questions – with space for answers – necessary for families to be more effective in their philanthropy. This series is a direct result of the 2015 report, Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective. Download the workbook by clicking on the PDF below.

EngagedPhilanthropy Toolkit
EngagedPhilanthropy-Guide to Giving Tool[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

The Common Reporting Standard - What you will need to do

Wed 20 Apr 2016 - The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a game-changer in the global fight against tax evasion. Financial institutions resident in CRS countries will need to report account holder information to their local tax authorities, who will then exchange information with countries where account holders are tax residents. More than 90 jurisdictions have already committed to adopting CRS and there are more than fifty early adopters, with the first automatic information exchanges to happen in 2017. But what does it entail? Moore Stephens have put together a report on what organisations need to do when adhering to these reporting standards. You can download the report by clicking on the PDF below.

Common Reporting Standard
Common Reporting Standard.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]

Tiger Recruitment: Private Household & PA Salary Levels

Wed 17 Feb 2016 - Tiger Recruitment have published their annual salary survey update which includes a guide on salary levels for Private Household and Family Office staff.

Click here to read the newsletter


Cadell+Co Article: Art in Trust

Tues 9 Feb 2016 - Our approved Art Adviser, Cadell+Co, have written an article in this month's STEP magazine, which focusses on the need for art held in trust to be professionally managed. Click on the PDF below to read the article.

Art In Trust
STEP JOURNAL Feb 2016 Trustees Art.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [803.9 KB]

Oracle Capital Signs MoU with IndusView and Rudra Dalmia for Expansion to India

Thurs 4 Feb 2016 - Oracle Capital Group, the global independent multi-family office and wealth management company, has signed a memorandum of understanding to form a Joint Venture with IndusView UK Limited, the London-based India advisory firm, and reputed financial services professional Rudra Dalmia to establish their presence in the Indian market. The partnership will facilitate the expansion of Oracle Capital Group into the Indian market, ranking fourth in the highest number of Ultra High Net Worth Households in the world according to the Boston Consulting Group.


Family Office: A Brief Guide to Employing Staff

Wed 2 Sep 2015 - Melissa Paz, a senior solicitor in the employment team at Withers LLP, and a regular speaker at our events and conferences, has written a guide to employing staff for family offices, including the legal considerations.

Click here to read the article


Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective

Fri 12 Jun 2015 - Global Family Office Community, in partnership with Hammer & Associates have jointly published the report, "Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective".

The report, is the first global study to research philanthropy in family offices worldwide, and was initially launched at the Global Family Office Conference 2015.

The report will be of interest for family offices, philanthropic families, advisors and support organisations.

Download the full report by clicking here


Family Offices: People are your Greatest Asset

Thurs 16 Apr 2015 - Following the recent seminar in London, "Family Offices: People Are Your Greatest Asset", sponsored by the global family office and wealth management advisory and recruitment firm, Agreus, they have produced a video summarising the discussions that took place.

Click here to see the video


CV Lies - The Risk Advisory Group

Tues 31 Mar 2015 - The Risk Advisory Group has been providing employee screening services to its clients since 1997 and in that time they have seen the practice of candidates providing false or inaccurate information on their CVs continue to grow. In their latest analysis 63% of CVs contained discrepancies, a rise of 15% in the last decade. Download their report by clicking on the PDF below.

CV Lies - The Risk Advisory Group
CV Lies.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [114.8 KB]

Sandaire & Lord North Street re-brand as Sandaire Investment Office

Mon 2 Mar 2015 - The London-based multi-family office pioneers, SandAire and Lord North Street Private Investment Office, have announced that the two firms which formed a merger in 2014 will operate as one entity and will trade as an integrated business under the new name – Sandaire Investment Office. Sandaire Investment Office will be 100% owned by the Scott family and professionally managed by a board and management drawing on the resources from both original firms.

Click here for more information


Kidnap & Ransom - Insurance Considerations

Wed 11 Feb 2015 - Kidnap and ransom is a real threat and even a 'big business'. It is reported that criminal gangs can make up to $500m a year in ransom payments from kidnappings. The following article from Lark Insurance explains how to insure against suck risks.

Kidnap and Ransom
Kidnap Ransom.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.6 MB]

Successful Succession Planning Seminar Whitepaper

Thurs 18 Dec 2014 - A recent seminar Global Family Office Community held in London focused on the issue of Successful Succession Planning covering the topics of: "5 reasons why succession plans fail", "understanding the UK inheritance tax system", and "best laid plans under attack". The presentations delivered are summarised in a whitepaper which can be read in the Knowledge Centre.

Read the whitepaper


Rewards are High but so is the Commitment

Mon 1 Dec 2014 - Interesting article in the FT (Financial Times) on family office recruitment.

Read the full article


Multi Family Office hosts events on Indian Emerging Trends & Opportunities

Sat 8 Nov 2014 - Altamount Capital UK, the associate office of India’s first multi-family office Altamount Capital Management Pvt. Ltd, recently hosted their inaugural event at Leighton House Museum on the topic of “100 Days of the Modi – Emerging Investment Trends and Opportunities”. The highly regarded panel deliberated on some of the key challenges and policy decisions facing the new Modi government and what it meant in terms of opportunities for investors in India”.

Download the PDF event summary of the key observations below.

India Key Observations
India Key Observations.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [847.9 KB]

Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners Combine

Thurs 6 Nov 2014 - The boards of Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners (FF&P) today announce they will combine to form the EMEA region's foremost international multi-family office group, to be called Stonehage Fleming Family and Partners (SF&P). The Group will be the largest independent multi-family office business in the EMEA region. The combined business will serve a client base of over 250 families of wealth, and will manage, advise, and / or administer over $43 billion of assets. SF&P will employ over 500 staff in 14 offices, across 7 countries.


Richard Branson: Family Office Staff get Unlimited Holidays

Thurs 25 Sep 2014 - Richard Branson has announced that 170 of his personal staff both in the UK and USA can take holidays for as long as they like. Taking the idea from Netflix, as he explains in his personal blog, he will trial the policy at the parent company, and assuming it goes as well as expected, he will encourage all subsidiaries to follow suit.

Read Richard Branson's blog


New Survey Shows 62% of US Family Businesses Unlikely to Remain Family Owned

Thurs 22 May 2014 - The majority of owners believe their family-run business won't remain in the family into the next generation, according to survey results released by The Alternative Board (TAB). A recent article in Harvard Business Review found that nearly 70% of family owned businesses last just a single generation. As they point out, "the low survival rate has alarming consequences." With many family offices created upon the sale of the family firm, will there be an increase in the creation of family offices if the results are to believed?

In their survey of small businesses, TAB also revealed that less than a third of owners have a succession plan for their family business. Could this lack of foresight be the reason so many families lose control of their companies as leadership shifts?

Source: Family Office Review


Family Office Recruitment Report 2014 Published

Thurs 8 May 2014 - is pleased to publish the Family Office Recruitment Report 2014.

Our second annual global talent report for the family office sector addresses the key talent issues family offices face, the attraction of family offices for candidates, current trends, skill requirements, a look at salary levels, as well as best practices. The report includes the results of our family office survey.

The report will be of interest to family offices, candidates, and the private wealth space in general.

Click here to download the 39 page report for free


Asian Family Businesses - Succession Tipping Point

Fri 21 Feb 2014 - Asian family businesses have been in the spotlight recently since recent research has shown that they are major drivers of growth and wealth creation in the region. A Credit Suisse report shows that some of the biggest global brands are family owned, including Samsung Electronics of South Korea, Tata Consulting of India, and Wilmar International in Singapore. Unlike their Australian, American, or European counterparts, which may be in their fourth or fifth generation, many Asian family businesses are still in their first generation cycle, with many less than two decades old. Though it’s hard not to admire the success of Asian family businesses, a shadow is looming on the horizon – that of age and succession. Most Asian businesses are lead by a patriarch who intends to work in the business until his dying day. Succession plans are often ambiguous or left vague because discussing the potential death or incapacity of an elder is taboo and can be seen as bringing misfortune.

Source: Family Office Review


Video interviews Leaders in the Family Office space

Fri 8 Nov 2013 - Agreus, one of our recommended family office recruiters, have produced a video interviewing leaders in the family office space. The 3 videos, published on their website, provide an insight into the world of family offices. Their review has identified the critical aspects of family office recruitment, including the softer elements of the process that are often neglected, which often make the difference in making a successful hire and hence the successful running of a family office.

Click here to see the video


Cyber Security & Digital Privacy - What Family Offices Need to Know

Mon 4 Nov 2013 - In the face of increasingly complex cyber-attacks, high-value families, celebrities and other high-net worth individuals are under growing pressure to pay closer attention to their security and digital privacy. Cyber-attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated, as well as frequent. The impact can be far-reaching, affecting both financial and reputation factors. Marclay Associates, an approved firm in our Family Office Supplier Directory, have written an article considering what family offices should think about when it comes to this issue. You can read the article by clicking on the PDF below.

Marclay-Digital Privacy for Family Offic[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [826.5 KB]

The Apple - A Modern Family Office & The Perfect Storm

Fri 18 Oct 2013 - Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, founder of the Erlendsson Private Office has written two interesting articles; the first is entitled "The Apple - a modern family office" and the second "The Perfect Storm". You can read both articles by clicking on the relevant PDFs below.

The Apple - A Modern Family Office.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [741.6 KB]
The Perfect Storm.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [195.7 KB]

African Insight

Mon 22 Jul 2013 - The convergence of extraordinary economic and social factors is shaping investment attitudes to Sub-Saharan Africa. The African Insight White Paper discusses how steady economic growth, urbanisation, demographic changes and improvements in infrastructure are creating an emerging middle class which will demand more political accountability and better levels of health provision and education. This will have long-lasting effects on the development of Sub-Saharan economies and promote growth away from basic materials and mining. To download the full report produced by Richard Howarth of African Private Office and Olivier Zucker of Zucker & Co please click on the PDF below. To receive access to future editions of this report, please register at

Adobe Acrobat document [6.8 MB]

Let's Keep it in the Family

Thurs 21 Jun 2012 - Interesting interview around family offices with our Advisory Board member, John Elder, in the June / July 2012 issue of Chartered Banker Magazine. To read the full interview, please click on the PDF below.

Family Office.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [354.9 KB]

Women Make Philanthropic Decisions

Tues 13 Dec 2011 - In nearly 90% of high net worth households, women are either the sole decision maker or an equal partner in decisions about charitable giving, according to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2011 Study of High Net Worth Women's Philanthropy. The power and influence of women in philanthropy may mean that some charitable organisations will need to adapt their messaging and strategies to appeal to women's distinct charitable giving behaviours and motivations, says the bank.

Source: Family Office Review


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