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Approved Family Office Software Solutions firms, Axidia and Expersoft, are listed below in alphabetical order.

For over 20 years, Axidia has focused exclusively on designing technology solutions for family offices and private asset managers.


Having been established within a family office, it provides us with unparalleled insight into the unique operational needs and specialised reporting requirements of our clients.

We focus on consolidated reporting for both financial and non-financial assets, either a bespoke on-site installation or as a cloud-based turnkey mobile solution.


Our consolidated platform can manage the full breadth of shifting asset allocations, portfolio inflows, and income forecasting.


Customisable analytics offer a wealth of time and asset-based performance metrics, as well as contribution and attribution of factors ranging from asset class to forex impact.


For further information, please contact Guy Davies:

Phone: +44 (0) 7866 314 400







Expersoft Systems


Our business in one sentence -

Expersoft Systems is an independent, privately owned company providing software solutions for family offices.


When are we typically needed?

  • When a family office or a Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI) needs a solution to get a consolidated reporting of all their assets (financial and non-financial).
  • When a beneficial owner is looking for the ability to digitize his collections, to create an electronic inventory of his collectibles and add the related documents such as pictures, contracts, insurance policies and expertise.
  • When a Family Office needs a governance solution that gives the ability to model a family tree and display who has what role in the family, how people are related and what the individual exposure is for each family member.
  • When a family office or UHNWI need to track their selected managers by comparing their mandate performance against predefined bench-marks or need to control the violations of implemented investment strategies.


What is our value proposition?

In addition to working with more than 120 family offices, our company has gone through due diligence and very long selection processes (up to several years) with international banks. Four of the twenty leading banks in Europe have selected our solution for their wealth management operations.


Expersoft Systems has been set up in 1993 and has more than 200 staff with international implementations.


The company is independently owned and based in a non US jurisdiction which is very important for family offices who want their data to be protected.


We offer back office services for family offices who need support with data feed, transaction handling and data reconciliation.


What is the standard fee structure ?

Expersoft offers different implementation solutions:

  • SAAS (Software as a Service) – This is a standardized out-of-the box platform for families with assets between 30MUSD and 300MUSD.
  • Bespoke Environment hosted with Expersoft Systems – This solution is best suited for family offices with AuA/AuM of 300MUSD or higher. The environment is tailored to the individual client needs.
  • Bespoke Environment with in-house hosting at the client's premises. The setup is nearly the same as the Bespoke hosted solution however the client will need to add the cost for his own IT infrastructure on top, such as own server infrastructure and employing IT staff.


Bespoke solutions are offered as perpetual license (buy model) or term license (renting model) while SAAS solution is always a term license (renting model).



For further information, please contact Philipp Bisang, CEO:

Phone: +41 41 747 1181






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