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Security Services International is a specialist security provider, offering uniquely tailored solutions to the complex demands of private HNW clients. Having provided security support to a range of clientele in over 50 countries, and by using only highly trained, highly experienced operatives with specialist military, police, commercial and technical backgrounds Security Services International can confidently assign Protection Teams globally. In addition to offering comprehensive mobile and residential security packages, Security Services International also provides ground transportation and investigative / surveillance services to both corporate and private clients. 


The company MD and founder Russell Grey has been described as “the consummate bodyguard”, and possesses operational experience spanning over 20 years. Russell believes that many potential clients who consider engaging personal security for themselves and their family are often reluctant to do so due to an out-dated perception that such a service would be intrusive. By contrast, his vision is that the modern-day bodyguard should enhance a clients’ privacy, not invade it”. “It’s a difficult balance, being close enough to respond but still giving the client and their associates the appropriate space”. So it’s crucial that our operatives have the experience and professionalism necessary to give a client the confidence in the service being provided, but remain aware of when to step back”.


“I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world at the side of Dignitaries, VIP’s, and Royals, and have provided a company service to hugely successful business leaders from all corners of the globe. When done properly, and appropriate to the individual client, our services should be seen as an asset, not a hindrance”. 


We believe it’s imperative to gain the trust and respect of the client, so within our company we’ve tried to create a culture whereby each client engagement is treated as a personal bond, rather than simply a paycheque.


In today’s unpredictable world, we urge all prospective clients (and their representatives) to be proactive in terms of their personal security. It’s important to realise that one’s wealth and status alone can make them a target to those with criminal intent. They should seek to enhance the safety and privacy of their most valuable assets -themselves and their families, as a matter of course.


A professional security service is an investment, not an expense.


Please contact Russell Grey (Director)

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Mobile : +447970102917 (International 24hrs)



‘The Man in The Shadows’ - an interview with Russell Grey below: 

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