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STS Capital Partners is a global M&A firm like no other. We are the expert guides for entrepreneurial business owners on the journey to achieving Extraordinary Exits™. By selling your business strategically to the people that buy strategically, you can achieve maximum financial value, create legacy potential, and realize true potential value. That’s an Extraordinary Exit.


As STS Capital Partners has expanded, we’ve remained true to our core vision. By combining our empathy for entrepreneurial business owners with leading strategy and marketing principles, we’ve re-imagined the M&A equation to make Extraordinary Exits possible for our clients.


Our extensive global relationships, world-class team and proven deal process bring international strategic buyers and investors to the table. The result is more extensive, competitive, multi-bidder soft auctions that deliver maximum financial returns. As a result, we’ve helped clients fulfill bigger ambitions in life and leave lasting legacies by inspiring charitable donations that make the world a better place.


Why STS Capital Partners?


At STS, we understand that selling a business is never just a transaction – it’s an emotional and psychological journey. With our unique experience and capabilities, we’re able to realize true potential value in three distinct ways:


  • Expert Guides: We’re different from other M&A firms. Not only are we strategists, we can connect the dots, see the bigger picture, and surface your business’s integrated value. We’re also empaths. Our leaders are entrepreneurial business owners too. We’ve walked in your shoes, and so we understand that your sale is more than just a transaction it’s a journey.


  • Selling to Strategics: Our sell-side-only approach enables us to target the right strategic buyers and emphasize your unique, integrated value to deliver the maximum value possible for your business. We have achieved industry-leading outcomes from 26% to 300% above market for our clients.


  • Success to Significance: Adopting strategic selling that achieves maximum financial returns, we offer entrepreneurial business owners the opportunity to create a legacy through our Success to Significance program, supporting charitable donations worldwide.


For more information on how STS Capital Partners can assist in selling your business and make an Extraordinary Exit possible, please contact Garth Robbins, Relationship Manager of Partner Networks

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