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As the world's best family history research and story-telling team, we have uncovered noble and royal lineages, reunited families separated by the Holocaust, and helped find the birth mother of one of the world’s leading financiers.


To create truly meaningful legacies, we believe it is vital for families to understand where they come from: with our proven expertise in unearthing unique and barely traceable documents, photographs and heirlooms, we bring the people and places of each family's extraordinary odyssey to life as we tell the story of their journey through the generations.


Prior to the inception of Genealogica, the team produced thirty five episodes of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?, taking high profile individuals on tailor-made explorations of their roots in countries as diverse as Benin, Germany, Barbados, Latvia, England, Bulgaria, and the United States.


Genealogica has delivered extraordinary results to all of our clients, one of whom wrote to say:

"Thank you for everything you have done. I doubt I will ever give a present as beautiful or impactful as this."



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For further information, please contact the team at Genealogica LLC:


Address: 16255 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA, 91436, USA

USA Contact: Lisa Bohacek, +1-818-324-0186,

UK Contact: Al Edgington, +44 7786-745-233,











Founded by veteran Fortune senior editors Pattie Sellers and Nina Easton, SellersEaston Media (SEM) captures and curates the stories behind the lives, times, and accomplishments of successful individuals, families and companies.


We work with clients to tell their stories with care and credibility. With decades of experience interviewing and writing about CEOs and other leaders—in print, on video, on stage—we understand that what matters most is impact: how you make a difference in the world, how ideas change lives, and how a life well-lived gives meaning to others. Working with clients to shape and communicate their stories for their select audiences we help them pass on core values and wisdom to perpetuate success and build legacies. SEM’s beautifully crafted and compelling narratives are ideal to celebrate any milestone event such as a birthday or simply to create a modern family portrait. The client controls and owns the content we create. 


Services include:

  • Film biographies that blend clips from interviews we conduct, vintage photos, narration, and music 

  • Illustrated memoirs by our award-winning writing team, with your story presented along- side photos in an elegant custom-published book 

  • Filmed interviews to share life stories and pass on best advice to children, grandchildren, and future generations 

  • Serial storytelling to document the family narrative periodically over a span of time, capturing children as they grow up and parents as they grow wiser


For more information, please contact:


Pattie Sellers, Partner
Award-winning magazine writer and multimedia journalist who has interviewed the world’s biggest names in business 
Co-founder, Fortune Most Powerful Women 
Former assistant managing editor of Fortune and current executive director, Most Powerful Women Summits and Live Content

Nina Easton, Partner
Award-winning former columnist and senior editor at Fortune 
Current chair, Fortune Most Powerful Women International and co-chair, Fortune Global Forum 
Best-selling author and longtime TV commentator on politics and global affairs



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