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Mike Sergeant is a former BBC News TV correspondent. He works to capture and develop the stories of leading business families. 


Key services include:


Legacy - writing the stories of the founders and leaders of family businesses and capturing their legacy on video.


Next Gen Coaching - helping next gens to discover their story and coaching them to communicate with clarity and confidence.


Governance - working with governance specialists to embed the family stories into charters and constitutions.


Narrative development - building a narrative that helps a family find unity, purpose and a common vision for the future.


Mike uses storytelling techniques that have proved highly effective in corporate communications and applies them to family enterprise. 


He believes that successful multi-generational families always have a strong narrative that is passed down and developed over time. Conversely business families fall apart when the central story no longer makes sense for family members. 


Mike sees narrative development and renewal as essential for family wealth preservation. 


His work helps families capture the past (legacy), find motivation in the present (purpose) and direction towards a successful future (vision). 


Mike also assists business leaders globally with speechwriting, article writing and preparation for media interviews and keynote speeches. 


He is happy to run workshops, moderate panels and deliver presentations at family office conferences and family retreats. 


Mike loves making new connections in the Family Office world. 


GFOC members may contact him directly on

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