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ICON CAPITAL RESERVE SA is led by a proven team with deep global experience empowering Private Clients to Create, Trade and Reserve Value through a fusion of Gold and the Blockchain. The Company was established on a foundation of Security. Discretion. Trust | Good as Gold™ in 2013 maintaining its’ corporate headquarters in the GCC.


ICON fully reserves 1 kilo gold bullion bars in free zone around the world including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland where a former military facility in a hollowed out mountain complete with a private airstrip offers up to 1500MT of discreet and insured vaulting. The Company is not a bank and as a result under FATCA and similar regimes emerging in 109 countries, the Gold bullion is exempt from declaration and fully regulatory compliant. The Company also enjoys a full Sharia compliant certification.


ICON utilises a global financial ledger and database called the blockchain, operating without incident for 8 years designed and based on 40 years of advanced cryptography and powerful encryption research. It exists on hundreds of millions of computers around the world and is more powerful that the data centres of Google, Amazon and Microsoft combined. As a distributed ledger that operates 24x7x365 there is: (i) no single point of technology failure; (ii) no centralised ownership of the underlying open source software meaning that ledger entries are immutable or cannot be changed or manipulated and (iii) no single point of regulatory capture.


ICON takes safe keeping receipts (SKR’s) for the gold bullion and creates self executing smart contracts that have all of the reps and warranties and rights and privileges embedded into instruments called a: (i)  CINTAMANI™ ~ which are immediately entered as Assets into the blockchain ledger, fully reserved on a 1:1 basis with gold bullion containing the 1 kilo bar identifiers and  (ii) AUREALS™ ~ which are immediately entered as Liabilities into the blockchain ledger each one representing a 1 gram weight an measure of Gold. These Assets and Liabilities can be reviewed or audited on the blockchain at anytime ensuring no leverage or re-hypothecation.


Private clients or their trusted advisors and advocates can create a fully encrypted digital wallet in seconds. These wallets, while a part of the encrypted ICON ecosystem actually reside on the clients phone or computer and look very much like an online banking dashboard. AUREALS™ are subscribed for from the wallet and are issued at 115% of spot gold prices pursuant to a software licensing agreement that makes up part of the executable smart contract. For a 1% fee AUREALS™ can be converted to CINTAMANI™ and the underlying physical bullion or to any desired underlying currency that can in turn be swifted out. The Private Client also has the option of obtaining a no-limit Black debit card offering liquidity on demand for purchases or global ATM access for cash. The cards can also be issued in 14 and 18 kt gold and offer a comprehensive concierge for chartering aircraft, yachts, villas or hotels, tickets and access to any exclusive event or dining and value can be exchanged card to card if desired. The cards are issued by a regulated 3rd party subject to KYC and AML, however ICON simply facilitates the transfer of required data and does not store it. The Company takes ongoing bank grade compliance measures to ensure that bad actors are kept out of the discreet ICON ecosystem.


AUREALS™ can be exchanged wallet to wallet in any quantum, meaning that you can send USD$100 million from your phone to your trusted recipients phone or computer and have the transaction cleared, settled and irrevocably entered into the blockchain ledger in c15 seconds, all without going through any command and control, centralised banking hierarchy. This begins to look like ‘future money', albeit fully reserved with the worlds most trusted store of value and auditable 24x7.


For further information please contact J. Bradley Hall, Founder, Chairman and CEO, ICON Capital Reserve SA



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