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Maanch is the world’s first global impact platform and a community for global change-makers.


We devise and deliver digital solutions, supported by experts, that enable philanthropists, family offices and investors to direct their funding to high-impact projects that both align with their specific interests and accelerate achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Every charity, NGO and Social Enterprise that we put forward for funding passes our robust due diligence, banking checks and demonstrates impact on an ongoing basis. 


Prior to Maanch, there was no objective impact measurement to evaluate projects on a global scale. So we built the tools to track KPIs and digitally map, measure, monitor and report on impact at an individual, organisational, country and global level. 


This means funders have a reliable way to compare projects while enjoying a much clearer view of the contribution they are making over time. Enabling you to watch your philanthropic footprint and legacy progress in real time so you can see what the overall net impact of your investments are.


What we offer – at a glance:

  • Impact measurement - giving a standardised way of assessing progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Grant management technology - digitizing grant making process by automating due diligence checks, monitoring and evaluating progress in real time, and generating instant reports to keep all stakeholders up to date with financial, operational, and impact information. 

  • Intelligent matchmaking – providing funders with an easy and accessible way to find the projects that best align with their personal values and motivations for giving.

  • A universally applicable framework via the SDGs – directing fund to the projects most likely to move the needle on global sustainable development


Our history:


Maanch was founded in 2018 by Darshita Gillies and an expert team of passionate change-makers who believe in the power of emerging technologies as a force for global good. Soon after launch, Maanch was awarded Start Up of the Year 2019 by Infosys in India Inc. UK/India Awards, while Darshita was included in the 100 Most Influential list.


‘We’re building much more than a high impact philanthropy service – we’re building a global community that is as committed to sustainable positive change as we are.’


To find out more, please contact Sianne Haldane,  Director of Philanthropy: 



ActionAid is an international charity working in over 45 countries.


We stop poverty at its source and work for a world where the most vulnerable and forgotten can become valued and powerful. Our top priority is to end the inequality that keeps women and girls locked in poverty, and to restore the rights denied to them from birth.


Over 40 years of experience have shown us that with the right resources, support and training, women and girls can take ownership of their own development and work together to transform their communities. Our dedicated local staff and partners understand the deep-rooted problems and support women and girls to understand their rights and change their own lives, for good.


At ActionAid we partner with philanthropists to support innovative and transformational projects that change lives for good.  To ensure the biggest impact and value for money, we constantly monitor and evaluate our work - as do the communities we work with, building the strongest programme possible.  We strive to meet the philanthropic wishes of our donors - engaging the whole family and working with trusted advisors to build a strong and valued relationship.


Contact Louise Johnson, Head of Principal Giving:


Phone: +44 (0) 7710 389 366

Linked In:



Stay up to date with ActionAid’s latest news and views on Twitter at @actionaiduk, or on Facebook, YouTube, Google + and Instagram.

Philanthropy & Foundations

Individual ~ Family ~ Business


Hammer & Associates is a multi-foundation office that works with a select number of family philanthropies.


We form deep, long-term relationships with foundations, family offices, businesses, and the advisors who serve them, helping philanthropic individuals and families pair their passion with proven strategies.


Our clients trust us to oversee and right-size their grantmaking, guide them through important decisions, tend to the “back office” needs, and help train the next generation as family leaders.


Principal Suzanne Hammer is a facilitator, advisor, coach, author, and foundation manager who speaks internationally on family philanthropy.


As a full-service firm, we help individuals and families clarify their values and giving goals, engage members in a meaningful way, and practice philanthropy that is both joyful and impactful.


As well, we work with single- and multi-family office professionals, and legal and wealth managers to integrate values-based philanthropy into the family’s estate and wealth preservation plans.


Contact Suzanne Hammer, President at Hammer & Associates LLC:


USA Telephone: 303-319-3029

Twitter: @SuzHammerGiving



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